(273) Invention

On this week’s show we are joined by Matt Webb to talk about his approach to invention with emerging technologies. You can subscribe to the AI Clock mailing list for updates and to find out about the upcoming Kickstarter here: https://aiclock.substack.com You can find out more about Acts Not Facts, Matt’s new product invention studio […]

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(272) Mixed Modes

Running a start up consulting business and running a software start up are closely related, but require quite different approaches. On this week’s show we meet Simon Bos who is doing both…

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(271) Ask WB-40

Another episode of Matt & Chris answers listener questions. Topics this week include dealing with toxic workplaces, the advantages of Cloud, blanket calls back to the office, and obscure programming languages…

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(268) Nudged

On this week’s show, you can hear Matt reflecting on the things that made an impact on him from last week’s Nudgestock festival in London. You can see all the talks he mentions linked from his blog article here:

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(267) Ask WB-40

It’s another round of Ask WB-40, where this week Matt & Chris take on listener questions about careers in technology, tech hype cycles, and (inevitably) AI amongst others.

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(264) Neuroinclusive

On this week’s show we are joined by Alistair Doran to talk about the way in which the traditions of work and education get in the way of accessing the superpowers of the neurodiverse. If you would like to chat with Alistair about your own experiences of neurodiversity at work, he’d be delighted to speak. […]

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