Episode 45 – On Power

On this week’s show Matt talks to Hilary Gallo about power and negotiation. We also unveil the 2017 WB40 Christmas Ramble. More details soon, but essentially we’ll be taking Marcus Brown’s 90 Waypoint Walk somewhere in London on December 14th. If you’d like to join us then let us know on Twitter @wb40podcast  

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Episode 42 – Life, the Universe and Systems Integrators

On this week’s show Chris & Matt ponder the latest weapons of mass disruption from the CBI, and explore what the future holds for IT Systems Integrators. The FAQ AI tool that Chris mentioned is here: https://qnamaker.ai/ The CBI’s Disrupting the Future is here: http://www.cbi.org.uk/insight-and-analysis/disrupting-the-future/ And the FT Article about a decade of no productivity […]

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Episode 41 – Happy Birthday WB40!

In our most self-referential episode yet, Matt & Chris reflect on a year of this podcasting lark. You can find out more about TechMums at http://techmums.co/ If you have suggestions for venues, please drop us a line. Matt’s podcast recommendations were: http://www.radiolab.org/ https://hornetheaven.com/ https://99percentinvisible.org/ Whilst Chris suggests: BBC Brexitcast https://athleticomince.com/ TechTent Political Thinking with Nick Robinson

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Episode 39 – #sb2017

In this week’s show Matt collates a series of interviews and reflections from this year’s Silicon Beach conference in Bournemouth. Over the course of the show we speak with: Vanja Vulic Sally Henderson Andy Beaumont Matt Desmier Dave Birss You can find a list of all the speakers at http://siliconbeach.eu/speakers_sb2017/ and there will be videos of all […]

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Episode 36 – When to App

This week’s double subject includes an examination of when native Apps triumph over HTML, and also the results of Matt’s No Notepad experiments with the iPad Pro & Apple Pencil. You can read more about Matt’s no notepad experience here, and can find his 7 Reasons to App article here.

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