(148) HR Out of Lockdown

On this week’s show we are joined by HR-Rewired‘s Shereen Daniels to talk about the people perspective on the slow road out of lockdown. Don’t forget, you can join the WB-40 Podcast WhatsApp group – just drop us a line on Twitter for the magic link.

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(146) Designing Home School

On this week’s show Chris & Matt are joined by Plan B Studio’s Steve Price, who talks about how Covid-19 is impacting on agency world, and how he’s turning his designer’s mind to the challenges of home schooling. You can find out more about Plan B here: plan-bstudio.com And there is more about his home […]

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(144) The Impact of Remote

On this week’s show, Matt is joined by technology architect Mark Wilson as Chris takes a break. We talk about how and where remote working is putting pressure on technology and technology management. We also do a quiz. A very geeky quiz about ancient computers.

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(142) Socially Isolated

On this week’s show we have special guest Euan Semple. He tells about his career diversion driving trucks, and how most organisations still haven’t realised that it’s people who tweet. You can find Euan’s book here, and his blog at euansemple.blog. Chris and Matt also talked about the Remote Work Survival Toolkit. You can get […]

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(140) Geo

On this week’s show we are joined by head of Geovation Alex Wrottesley. You can find out more about the organisation at https://geovation.uk/ We also have the final result of the WB-40 World Cup of Operating Systems. You’ll have to listen to find out…

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