(176) 2021

We’re back for a new year and a look at what technology leaders might need to be concerning themselves in the 12 months ahead.

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(175) 2020

On this week’s show, the last of the year, Chris and Matt review the top 10 shows by download of 2020. You can find the originals here: 10 – (160) Liminal 9 – (136) Homeopathic IT 8 – (146) Designing Home Schooling 7 – (139) Meetings, remote meetings 6 – (143) Socially isolated 5 – […]

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(174) Measure Me

On this week’s show Chris & Matt discuss the recent controversy around Microsoft’s Productivity reporting in Microsoft365, and also we see the (un)welcome return of our snappily-named feature The National Anthem of the Country whose annual energy consumption has just been surpassed by Bitcoin Mining. On December 16th we are having a party to celebrate […]

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(172) Conversations

On this week’s show we talk with Professor Liz Stokoe about the science of conversation. You can read more about Liz’s work in her book Talk, and see her talk about it in this TED Talk:

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