(205) Imposter

On this week’s show Chris & Matt explore the world of imposter syndrome prompted by Adam Grant’s new book Think Again. We also look ahead to next week’s live shows at the IT Director’s Forum, and we check out the latest planet burning in the world of crypto currency. .

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(204) Ethics

On this week’s show we are joined by Ethical Intelligence’s founder Olivia Gambelin to talk about ethics, technology and decision making.

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(203) What comes next, and why?

On this week’s show Chris & Matt talk to Chris Yapp about the importance of watercoolers, the challenges of multi-disciplinary teams and why the strongest held views about the future are probably the least right. We’ll post a link to his latest blog article about education here as soon as we can.

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(199) Going Agile

On this week’s show we are joined by Red Hat’s Mary Provinciatto to talk about her work helping organisations to move into a truly Agile way of working. As it’s the last show before our summer break, we also have a quick look back at seven shows from the first half of 2021 that you […]

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