Episode 52: The Play Box

On this week’s show we interview Playful Anywhere‘s Emma Bearman about fun, play, innovation and the future of work. And shipping containers. Along the way, Emma mentioned David Gauntlett‘s book Making is Connecting. We also referred back to Episode 47. In this week’s Yin and Yang, Chris referred to this demonisation of collaboration, and the […]

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Episode 50 – Christmas Ramble

On this week’s show Matt & Chris talk IT Skills, and reflect on their Christmas Ramble. You can find Marcus Brown’s 90 Waypoint Walk instructions here. As mentioned in the show, we now have a WhatsApp group for listeners to connect with us and with one another. Join up here That’s it for 2017 – have […]

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Episode 49 – 2017 Guests

This week Matt & Chris review the wonderful cavalcade of guests that have joined us on the show over the course of 2017. You’ll hear from: Kylie Fowler Richard Braithwaite Hilary Gallo Simon Morrisey Kate Bevan Mark Aikman Tony Harper Andrew Larkin Nicole Antonio Gadsdon Vladimir Vulic Sally Henderson Zoe Kleinman and Marcus Brown Thanks […]

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Episode 48 – Sharing Blockchains

On this week’s show Matt & Chris discuss the challenges of information security awareness, and the energy hungry madness that is Bitcoin. Matt’s wonderful pizza oven is the Uuni 3. Nothing has made him that happy in ages. His phone with some battery is the Huawei Mate 10 Pro. The Digiconomist website is tracking the power […]

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Episode 47 – Should work be fun?

On this week’s show Matt & Chris mull over our seeming obsession with work being a miserable activity. Join us for the WB40 Christmas Ramble on December 14th 2017, starting at 11am at Charing Cross Station. Tweet us at @WB40Podcast if you’d like to come along. You can find more about Marcus Brown’s 90 Waypoint […]

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Episode 46 – CIO2020

On this week’s show Chris meets up with CIO Mark Aikman to discuss how the CIO role is changing. For the 2017 WB40 Christmas Ramble, we’ll be taking Marcus Brown’s 90 Waypoint Walk somewhere in London on December 14th. If you’d like to join us then let us know on Twitter @wb40podcast. The book about physics that taught […]

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Episode 45 – On Power

On this week’s show Matt talks to Hilary Gallo about power and negotiation. We also unveil the 2017 WB40 Christmas Ramble. More details soon, but essentially we’ll be taking Marcus Brown’s 90 Waypoint Walk somewhere in London on December 14th. If you’d like to join us then let us know on Twitter @wb40podcast  

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