(222) On purpose

On this week’s show, Chris & Matt explore some of the ideas that they hope to dive into in the series of shows after Easter on the theme of purpose-driven organisations.

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(220) Data Quality

On this week’s show, we are joined by Soda’s Maarten Masschelein to talk about the quality of data. Matt wrote about the “Data isn’t the new oil, it’s the new nuclear waste” metaphor in an article in 2016 here. The elderly wolf meme that Chris mentioned that was doing the rounds some years ago was […]

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(219) Ask WB-40

On this week’s show, Chris & Matt answer a selection of questions raised by the members of the WB-40 Podcast Signal Group. If you would like to join the group drop us a line on Twitter.

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(217) Slow News

On this week’s show, we are joined by Liz Moseley from Tortoise who talks about the origins of the Slow News idea, how it’s changed through the last three years, and where the Slow Newsroom is heading next.

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(215) Crypto Things

On this week’s show Chris & Matt take a look at a couple of aspects of current crypto technologies – the weird bubble that is the world of NFTs, and the strange way in which the government seems hell-bent on banning end-to-end encryption. There’s also news about the forthcoming WB-40 Podcast Leadership Retreat.

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