I must read it again…

A spin on the WB40 Podcast bookclub format for 2019.

Mark Wilson must read The Innovator’s Dilemma again

Andy Callow must read Managing for Happiness again

Craig Hogan must read Bounce again

Tom Geraghty must read The Phoenix Project again

Matt Jukes must read Here comes everybody again

Want to take part?

Think of a book that’s been important in your life, but you haven’t read for a while (and really should).

Then, record spoken answers using a voice memo app (or something fancier if you wish) to the following questions.

It would help us if you could read the questions between your answers…

  • What is the name of the book?
  • Who is the author?
  • When did you first read the book?
  • Tell us briefly the main theme of the book…
  • What impact has the book had on you?
  • When did you last read it?
  • If you could describe the book as an animal, what animal would it be?
  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?

Send the audio file (.mp3, .m4a) or a link to the file from something like Dropbox or Google Drive to Matt@stamplondon.co.uk

Here’s an example of what it will end up sounding like…