(184) HR

On this week’s show we are joined by David D’Souza to talk about the Human Resources profession, multi-skilled business enabling teams, and how he might have rumbled the whole world of the CIO. The week’s automatically generated transcript… Intro Matt: Once again we find ourselves recording at least I think that’s what we’re doing. Hopefully […]

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(183) Proptech

On this week’s WB-40 we talk with Antony Slumbers about the commercial property market and the way that the pandemic might change who provides office space in the future. The Automatically Generated Transcript… Intro Chris: So, hello and welcome to another episode of WB 40. We are here today with as Matt said in the […]

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(178) The Socials

On this week’s show Chris and Matt talk about why big tech social networks have been in the news again. Chris is also quizzed on his tech company history knowledge. This week’s transcript: Introduction Matt: [00:00:00] So just the two of us this week very sadly Charlotte G who was supposed to be joining us. […]

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(176) 2021

We’re back for a new year and a look at what technology leaders might need to be concerning themselves in the 12 months ahead.

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(175) 2020

On this week’s show, the last of the year, Chris and Matt review the top 10 shows by download of 2020. You can find the originals here: 10 – (160) Liminal 9 – (136) Homeopathic IT 8 – (146) Designing Home Schooling 7 – (139) Meetings, remote meetings 6 – (143) Socially isolated 5 – […]

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