(128) Cardstock

On this week’s show, we have an experimental recording from last week’s Cardstock gathering, a get together of people who use cards in their work. You will hear from: John Willshire, creator of Artefact Cards James Rutherford, creator of Kick Cards Sandie Bakowski, who has created games to help teams discover psychological safety Simon White […]

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(127) The Tech Election

It seems like just yesterday that we were heading to the polls, but yet again we have another general election on the horizon. So in this week’s show, we cast a light on what our panel of political pundits think might be in the forthcoming manifestos, and speak to Nathan Young about the Election Tech […]

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(126) Swiss Army Knives

On this week’s show we speak with Sharon O’Dea from Lithos PartnersĀ about the changing world of work and collaboration. And because Chris is now an influential person in the world of IT, we look at the world of IT news in an influential way.

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(122) Graph

On this week’s show, we speak with Jonathan Lacefield from DataStax about Graph database technologies, and also discuss the recent startup guide to no-deal Brexit from Heather Burns and Coadec. You can download it here: https://coadec.com/news/no-deal-a-guide-for-startups/ Matt also mentioned the great (if somewhat depressing) book Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez. It’s well worth a […]

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