(111) Data Driven

On this week’s show Matt speaks to Caroline Carruthers and Peter Jackson about their new book Data Driven Business Transformation. We’ve got three copies to give away. Just tweet us the answer to the question we set in the show – two books for the first two correct answers, and one to the one we […]

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(108) Live!

On this week’s show, recorded live at the first WB-40 Meetup, Chris & Matt speak to Steve Brown from Empiric, our wonderful hosts, about the initiative to get female students into tech work experience, Next Tech Girls. If you are interested in a WB-40 T-Shirt, then Chris still has plenty to sell. Tweet us at […]

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(107) Brexit Games

On this week’s show we speak with Rina Atienza, Lynette Nusbacher and Jim Wallman about brexitgames.com This week’s Internet Yang was this cracking post by Peter Kappus. And don’t forget you’ve got about 24 hours from publishing to be able to nab one of the last few returns for WB-40 Live this week in London. […]

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CIO Advisory services. What are they for? Who buys them? And what are the needs that are being fulfilled? On this week’s show Matt and Chris reflect on some research recently completed looking at why people buy from the likes of Gartner. We also have another episode of I Must Read It Again, where Matt […]

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Episode 105 – Subscription

On this week’s show, Chris speaks with data expert Laura Paterson. And we also have Senan Largey talking about a book he must read again – Cal Newport’s Deep Work. The last few tickets for the WB-40 live event in London on May 2nd – get one now! ——Transcription provided by otter.ai — provided to […]

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Episode 102 – Horses for Courses

On this week’s show, we speak with Jude Jennison from Leaders By Nature. We also have internet Yin – this from AfterBrexit.tech https://afterbrexit.tech/data-protection/ and this Yang from the Richmond Library service: https://richmond.gov.uk/services/libraries/branch_libraries/reference_library/reference_services/magazines_and_newspapers Don’t forget you can join the conversation on our WhatsApp Group. Just drop us a line on Twitter to find out more.

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