Episode 71 – Skillz

On this week’s show we review John Doerr’s Measure What Matters as book number 4 in the WB40 Bookclub, and Chris speaks to staffing expert Mark Hankin about the evolving IT work market. Don’t forget you can join the conversation by joining out WhatsApp group – just drop us a line on Twitter for an […]

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Episode 70 – Sustainable Goals

On this week’s show we interview Futerra’s Ed Gillespie about the Global Goals Accelerator, and we reveal the first news about the WB40 Intergalactic Congress. To find out more about Ed’s work, look at the blog here, and if you are interested in applying then check out Bethnal Green Ventures site. This week Chris’s Yang was […]

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Episode 69 – Containerised Data

  In this week’s show we interview Datastax’s Patrick McFadin about data, development and containerised services. We also review the latest book from Tom Peters’ – The Excellence Dividend, and choose the next title for the WB40 Bookclub – John Doerr’s Measure What Matters You can find the long list for the next book here. Don’t […]

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Episode 68 – DevOps

On this week’s episode Chris and Matt speak to DevOps expert Tom Geraghty about the challenges of adopting a continuous delivery model of working. Some further reading from Tom: Book list: The Phoenix Project The DevOps handbook Accelerate – the science of devops The Goal (this is the book the phoenix project was based on) […]

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Episode 66 – How we find work

On this week’s show Matt & Chris discuss the ways in which as free-range workers they find work. We also have Chris’s Yin (the HTC Blockchain Smartphone) and Yang (how to encrypt your entire life) Last week’s WB40 book club was The Power of Moments, and the one for the next fortnight is Now the […]

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Episode 65 – Boundaries

  On this week’s show Matt & Chris discuss the boundaries between groups in organisations, and how that’s often where the pain can lie. Matt mentioned this blog post: https://mmitii.mattballantine.com/2018/01/18/which-path-to-take/ This week’s Internet Yang is the Google VR Tour Creator: https://vr.google.com/tourcreator/ The XKCD comic Chris mentioned is here https://xkcd.com/1989/ The first WB40 Bookclub book is Chip & Dan […]

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Drawpod Episode 3

Matt and Chris are taking a May Day Break this week, but to keep you entertained here’s episode three of Drawpod. This is the last one we’ll drip feed through the WB40 feed, so if you want the rest of the season you’ll need to subscribe – http://drawpod.buzzsprout.com/170477.rss or on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/drawpod/id1375904622 Take part! Take part in […]

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Drawpod Episode 2

Here’s Episode 2 of Matt’s new side project Drawpod. You can find out more over at drawpod.wordpress.com Huge thanks to Moo for giving us some space to record the first few episodes. You are all lovely people. This week’s sound comes from the remarkable BBC Sound Effects Archive and is used on a non-commercial basis under […]

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Episode 64 – Content Marketing

On this week’s show, Matt & Chris talk about the problem of busy-ness, and Matt interviews content marketer Ina Yulo from BrightTalk about, erm, content marketing. You can read the Rory Sutherland piece at https://www.spectator.co.uk/2018/04/could-an-owl-make-video-conferencing-take-off/ This week’s internet Yin is the Tory Power Stance, and the Yang is the quite wonderful http://whatthefuckisethereum.com/ And don’t forget you can follow […]

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