Bonus: The Flexible Movement

This isn’t an episode of WB-40. This is the first episode of a new project we are working on. And this episode runs a little ahead of the rest, as you’ll hear. It’s a bit like that early show of Strictly Come Dancing that happens at the end of the summer before the celebrity contestants […]

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Episode 84 – Apprenticeships Redux

On this week’s show Chris interviews Tony Harper from Digital Native about the current state of apprenticeships in the UK. We also reflect on Dan Pink’s book Drive, and pick the next WB40 Bookclub book – Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers. Don’t forget you can join the conversation over on our WhatsApp Channel – just drop us a line […]

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Episode 82 – Remote First

On this week’s show we review Bob Hayward and Nick Baldock’s book Persuade. The next book up on the WB40 Bookclub list is Dan Pink’s Drive. Matt also speaks to NetGuru CEO Wiktor Schmidt about how he’s built his business on the principle of Remote First. Don’t forget you can join the conversation on WhatsApp – just […]

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Episode 80 – Judgement

On this week’s show Chris & Matt speak about Judgement – judgement of the book that was this week’s Bookclub focus, The Master Algorithm, judgement of whether computers will ever possess judgement, and last but not least how to make a judgement of technology suppliers, especially in regard to information security. You can find the […]

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Episode 79 – Bernie Projects

On this week’s show Chris & Matt discuss the nature of “Bernie” projects – those IT initiatives that continue to chug along even though everyone involved knows that the patient is dead. We also have Internet Yin in the form of Google Don’t Be Evil and Google, really, Don’t Be Evil. And the best Internet Yang so […]

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Episode 78 – Neurodiversity

On this week’s show, Matt interviews psychologist Nancy Doyle about neurodiversity and the tech industry. You can find Nancy’s BPS report here: And Genius within can be found at This week we also reviewed Seth Stephens-Davidowitz’s Everybody Lies. The next Bookclub book is The Master Algorithm.

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