(156) Charitable IT

On this week’s show we speak with Charity IT leader Paul Smith about the impact of Covid on the not-for-profit sector, and how technology might help charities to survive and thrive in the future.

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(150) Skills Miner

On this week’s show we talk to David Ivell from Enginuity about the work they have been doing to explore engineering skills through the world of Minecraft. You can find out more about Skills Miner here: Skills-Miner.com And their new digital and engineering platform here: Enginuity.org/engage

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(148) HR Out of Lockdown

On this week’s show we are joined by HR-Rewired‘s Shereen Daniels to talk about the people perspective on the slow road out of lockdown. Don’t forget, you can join the WB-40 Podcast WhatsApp group – just drop us a line on Twitter for the magic link.

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