(139) Meetings, Remote Meetings

On this week’s show, in light of the worries about Corona Virus, Chris & Matt talk about the remaining challenges facing remote work, and remote meetings. We also have the results of the semi-finals of the WB-40 World Cup of Operating Systems (also below for you) and chat about Google’s decision to move their Data […]

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(138) Nomenclature

On this week’s show Chris & Matt talk about the labels that we (and analyst companies) apply to new technologies. Or sometimes just old technologies warmed up. We also have the results from the World Cup of Operating Systems Quarter Finals – you can vote now in the Semi Finals here. Results to date as […]

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(137) The Internet of Gnomes

On this week’s show Chris and Matt talk about why IoT isn’t more peer-to-peer, and we also update you on the 2nd round of the World Cup of Operating Systems. We are indebted to the marvellous Emma Bearman for the conversation that led to this episode. We spoke with her back on Episode 52. Matt […]

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(135) OKRs

On this week’s show, we speak with Peter Kappus about the world of Objectives and Key Results – OKRs. You can find out more about Peter atĀ peterkappus.com, and John Doerr’s Measure What Matters can be found here.

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(134) Looking Back

On the first show of 2020, Chris & Matt reflect on the people they spoke to on the show in 2019. Matt mentioned this cracking episode of 99% Invisible that explores The ELIZA Effect. He also mentioned Hannah Fry’s Hello World.

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(133) Housing

On this week’s show, the penultimate of 2019, Matt talks to his new CEO, David Done from RHP. Chris and Matt also manage to completely avoid talking about the elephant in the room. Next week is the final show of the year – tweet us your highlights from the show in 2019 so we can […]

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