(240) Open Sourcery

On this week’s bumper edition, Matt spends a day at the OpenUK Open Source Software thought leadership event. In the course of the show he speaks with Amanda Brock, Jim Zemlin, Val Del Vechhio, Sal Kimmich, Richard Dobson, Mahamed Ali and Nikita Koselev.

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(238) Privacy & Adtech

On this week’s show we talk with Professor David Carroll about the gaps between privacy law and the way in which machine learning techniques are able to target us, and how that’s panning out in courts in Europe.

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(236) Unf*cking Work

On the first show of the Autumn, Chris and Matt are joined by Neil Usher to talk about his forthcoming book Unf*cking Work. WARNING: Given the title of his book, unsurprisingly we use the F word quite a few times this week.

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(233) Buying things

On this week’s show, Chris & Matt spend some time thinking about what’s going on on either side of the curtain when organisations go through structured processes to buy technology services and products.

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(231) Starting Jobs

As Chris and Matt have both started new jobs in the last few weeks, on this weeks show they reflect on some of the factors that they are keeping in mind as they find their way in their new roles.

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