Episode 100

Edit photo“Hello, and welcome to episode 100 of WB-40, the weekly podcast with me Matt Ballantine, and Chris Weston.

Chris Weston

Hello Chris. How has your week been?”

“Matt. Something is wrong.”

“What do you mean, something is wrong? Is this bloody software playing up again? CAN. YOU. HEAR. ME?”

“No. I can’t. I’m reading you.”

“What? Oh. Hold on. I remember.”

“Pray tell me…”

“You mean you don’t remember? A few months back, when we first had the crazy idea of doing the 100th episode on vinyl, and then instead decided to do it as a book?”

“This isn’t a book. This is a web page. I can tell the difference, you know.”

“This, dear boy, is a minimum viable book. With extended personalisation and print at home opportunities.”

“Have you been hanging out with startups again?”

“You’re the one who’s been ‘dabbling in blockchain’. Anyway, we had a few of our lovely listeners and former guests contribute some thoughts in word form. And yes, whilst we might in the past few weeks have discovered that the act of creating an actual book might involve a bit more work that we might have first thought, this is much more contemporary.”

“I suppose so… So, how’s this going to work, then?”

“Well, there will be some introductions from us and then we’ll link through to the wonderful articles that have been written. So it will be an online experience in words with the essence of podcasting throughout.”

“Matt, I think you might have become a little obsessed with the podcast thing.”

“Have we mentioned Podcast Powered Projects yet?”

“Not now, Matt. Later.

In the meantime can I suggest we get on with the show? Who do we have joining us this week?”

“Well, this week Chris we have a stellar line up of guests, all of whom have taken some time to write us some longer-form pieces about areas that interest them. Mark Aikman writes about Sinclair C5s and Ben Newton takes us on a journey into polymaths.”

“Meanwhile we have Tom Geraghty exploring the evolution of DevOps and Nancy Doyle explores ideas of inclusion in the workplace. To wrap it all up, Mark Wilson will ask how is technology changing how we work.”

“Sounds like a hoot. Right, shall we get on with it?”

“Let’s. And let’s start with Mark. Technology no longer dictates how we work.  We do that. We identify what the organisation needs, and then the CIO and surrounding team procure whatever kit will make that happen.  But that process is surrounded by elephant traps. Here, CIO Mark Aikman explores how to avoid the greatest risks.”

“Shall I sing the jingle?”


“So on with the show.”