CIO Advisory services. What are they for? Who buys them? And what are the needs that are being fulfilled?

On this week’s show Matt and Chris reflect on some research recently completed looking at why people buy from the likes of Gartner.

We also have another episode of I Must Read It Again, where Matt extols the virtues of Flann o’Brien’s The Third Policeman. Sadly the Internet Archive free audiobook of the book is no longer available, but you can borrow the book here:

Here’s Fintan O’Toole’s Third Policeman’s Brexit Guide (paywall):

Finally, there are but 3 tickets left for our live event. Book yours here:


2 thoughts on “Advisory

  1. Hi Matt & Chris,

    Liked the Advisory podcast – food for thought, thanks for that.

    Can I please be added to your WhatsApp group – I may live to regret another interaction with both Horizon and S&S, but they are very informative and useful tools.

    All the best and hopefully catchup soon.



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